Sunday, April 1, 2007

Back from vacation!

I happen to be very depressed despite a wonderful vacation. Sachi beat us there from Boston and it was so nice to see her. We walked down the beach and she told me about what has been going on at school for the last couple of weeks. (Between her mid-terms and papers and my leaving work we hadn't talked that much). She is doing great, working hard, getting to know an old friend a little better (I'll say no more.) She just seems really happy and optimistic. I love her so much and it was so great to hang out. I charged my iPod when I got home. Stupidly ran the battery out not listening to it all the way to Turks. Only sad and strange songs seem to be coming up. Songs I don't even remember having on there. I googled and searched uTunes for the Crazy Signs Brazilian song we heard and I loved and I no longer remember any part of. JK JK I know it is iTunes or something. I may have a brain tumor but I am not stupid.

In the Fort Lauderdale airport we ran into Hannah R and her family. At first I thought she was the owner of the water bottle I had just picked. There was literally no water available for purchase in the entire airport and I found a bottle on a counter, cold and sealed. So she walks up to me and I am like "Oh is this your water? ... Hannah?" It was really cool to hang out with her and her family the whole trip. We laughed a lot at dinner.

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