Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Post surgery anticipation

From the Angioma Allaince website:

"Brain injury of any sort, including that from cavernous malformations, can cause a variety of cognitive impairments. For example, after a bleed or surgery, individuals often complain of difficulty with attention, short term memory, and multi-tasking even if they have no visible physical deficits....Certain medications may cause strange behavior and/or side-effects including aggressive behavior, confusion, hallucinations, and extreme hot and cold flashes."

After I shared all of this with Brian, he said, "How are we going to tell the difference?" It was a joke of course.

Check out this link for post-surgry emotional support for when i get home. It totally confirms why writing this blog has been so helpful to me.

I hate to admit it, but I am a stubborn and independent person. It will be difficult for me to ask for help after I come home from the hospital. Thank you to my close friends who have been reading this and have offered to help. I guess will have to take you up on it.

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