Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some highlights of summer

I spent some time out in Amagansett with my bro. Bri and my mom even came one weekend. We had a little BBQ. I left all the cooking to everyone else and had a delicious burger without the meat. We also grilled the zucchini from John's New Lebanon garden. Wow! They were delicious.

Lily had a wonderful time too. Boy does she like to be out of the city. Our time upstate and out on the island were the best for her. She was so lively, leaping through the grass, chasing butterflies. Here she is exhausted after a long day.

This is an afghan I knitted this summer while I was recovering. Bri brought it to Ireland for my mother-in-law. I think she liked it.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I have not got this picture posting thing down yet. I will try again with my postcards. This one is sideways but it is a print of my actual MRI on sheer fabric over a tie-dyed fabric my brother Tim gave me. He always wanted to collaborate on something. Over the tumor, I added some beads to look like a raspberry. The actual tumor outline is bigger as you might be abe to tell. Scary huh? But guess what! I had my follow-up MRI and it is all gone. That means it can't grow back. I do have a hole in my brain where the tumor used to be. It's not going to go away either, according to Dr. Sen.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mentally exhausted mind state

I slept until 10 AM thiss morning. Very late. I guess relief from finishing my postcard book. I am too tired to write or post the excellent photos right now. In case anyone was wondering, I have been working on this obsessively for weeks and that is probably why none of you have seen me or heard from me. Now I have to clean up a million assorted pieces of art supplies and (here is the hard part) put them where they belong. I am gearing myself up for going back to school. It is going to be fine.
KISS. Student directed learning this year. The burden is on them. No passive learners. Just got to get them motivated and confident.

So much art this summer

I finished my fabric postcard challenge for Quilting Arts Magazine today. I got to the post office at 4:45 and overnighted it. I hope it gets published. This is the cover, well a scan of the cover. It looks much better in person.