Saturday, January 4, 2014

So interesting

It's been awhile since my last post. I've been very, very busy and that is a good thing. It's been busy in a constructive way.

First of all, I'm now part of a supportive community of artists. I don't want to go into a lot of detail here. Suffice it to say, I feel validated as an artist. I've had objective feedback that let's me know I am talented. This has done wonders for my mood and sense of worth.

Nothing was going to stop me from making things, sewing, painting, knitting, weaving, but knowing that there are people who actually WANT to own my stuff is awesome. It is more enjoyable for me now to just play in my sewing room. Even cleaning and organizing are less frustrating tasks.

I want to write today because I learned a couple of things about myself. First, I really need to label everything. As soon as I put it down, I have to label the spot. I have a handy bin with supplies for labeling: tape, cards, clips, sharpies. It is labeled "Stuff for Labeling." I have already begun to notice a difference. Sometimes I have a vague feeling that I already have a folder, file, box, or drawer that has the same name but I try not to worry about it. Over time the redundancies are finding each other. If I don't label, there is zero chance of like objects coming together.

I've had an iPhone for about a year now. It was easy to switch from my old flip phone. Much easier than I was expecting. I'm still not sure how to use some of the stuff but I'm learning. Christmas Eve I was at a party (away from the crowd over on the side sitting on a couch) and someone I just met asked me if I had any pictures of my artwork. I'd already told her I was a former teacher and had to stop because of my brain injury. As I was scrolling through over 500 pictures on the camera roll, she piped in, "Albums! You have to use albums."

"That is a very good idea," I responded. "I should do that." I found a couple pictures of my art to show her and as I was closing the app, I saw that I had already made some albums. In fact, there was one called Artwork.

That experience epitomizes the paradox of a brain injury. I can make a decision about how I feel or what I am going to do and then completely forget that I resolved that issue. That is the plus side since doing things twice is better than not doing it at all. Small steps of repeated routines make steady strides. Acceptance feels good. Can I grocery shop by myself? Sure as long as it doesn't bother me that I leave my wallet in the store and have to go back or bring my expired ATM card to pay and then ask the manager if the delivery guy can walk me home so I can pay with cash. (The manager said YES btw. That was a Christmas blessing.) Copacetic is the new happiness.