Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creative juices flowing

Since I am nearly all better now, my mind is constantly churning up ideas for things I am going to make. The Renegade Craft Fair this weekend was great. I did not buy much because, like most people there, I think I can make it all myself. Hmm. I looked for some hand spun yarn since I have not mastered that skill myself but no luck. Sachi and I both won raffle bags full of free stuff from Adorn magazine. Hooray!

So here are my projects:
1. I was trying to knit the "Sunset" dress from the Rowan Kasbah Collection. I probably knit and frogged (pulled out) over ten samples. I brought my samples into Dona at Yarntopia and she helped me tweak some minor details. Then I began the pattern in earnest and all the same problems. I wrote an angry letter to Rowan yesterday and if I do not hear from them, my angry online tirade will begin.
2. I am making a t-shirt quilt for Sachi. She has many cute logo shirts that are too small but so soft so they are going into a quilt. I found a lady who will do the quilting with her long arm machine for me.
3. A series of vacation postcards for a Quilting Arts contest. Since on my last vacation, I was basically obsessing about brain surgery, I am incorporating some disturbing imagery. I will post as I get closer to being done.

I have to go to school today because my classroom is a mess and I am sharing it with another teacher this year.