Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three Years Ago Tonight

I was worried I would never sleep and then oversleep. My surgery was in the morning. I watched South Park and in my drugged post-surgery state, two days later, it is all I remember talking about. Brian sat with me through the night and then Matt took over at 5 o'clock in the morning. I was in so much pain. And so thirsty. I know they had to make sure I was really okay before they gave me the strong stuff, but it was awful waiting. I somehow remember that they said there would not be a lot of pain after the surgery because the brain lacking nerve endings. That sounds absurd now. Did anyone really say that? Did I really think that? It's been three years and my head still hurts. They cut my ear off and through my jaw muscles. They pinned my head into a brace that twisted my neck muscles into a contorted mess. And then I cried two days later when I finally woke up and they gave me drugs and I told and retold the entire episode of South Park I had seen. It was the one where Stan's dad is on Wheel of Fortune.

So what is new with me? Work has been awesome. I finally got an assistant who does an awesome job and can stand being around me! He was my third assistant this year. At one point, one of my third-graders said "What's up with you? Your assistants are dropping like flies." I got into a Master's program in educational psychology. I am very worried about my ability to do this but... I amble on. One foot in front of the other. I am speaking about my dad at Centro this Wednesday. I am selling crafts at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn again on May 1st. My grandmother turned 90. My daughter met her teen idol, Jimmy Fallon and he was the coolest. He told her they should work together. My sister is getting mad press for her new albums. I saw her on the CBS news this morning and she looked beautiful. I think I am starting to look older than she does. At least she doesn't look 50!