Friday, August 17, 2007

Mentally exhausted mind state

I slept until 10 AM thiss morning. Very late. I guess relief from finishing my postcard book. I am too tired to write or post the excellent photos right now. In case anyone was wondering, I have been working on this obsessively for weeks and that is probably why none of you have seen me or heard from me. Now I have to clean up a million assorted pieces of art supplies and (here is the hard part) put them where they belong. I am gearing myself up for going back to school. It is going to be fine.
KISS. Student directed learning this year. The burden is on them. No passive learners. Just got to get them motivated and confident.

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Anonymous said...

They're beautiful and mind boggling! Congratulations on completing this most creative (and I'm sure cathartic)project. Love, Mom