Saturday, April 7, 2007

From March 9th

I had the most wonderful experience today. I went to St. Lukes-Roosevelt and saw Dr. B at the request and arrangement of the Emily M. He is also a friend of the C. family. I taught all four kids in the M family and all three of the C kids. He confirmed my diagnosis, benign tumor, angioma in the brain stem. TOTALLY OPERABLE! Right then and there he calls Dr. S. Dr. S. is already scrubbed in for surgery but agrees to see me next week. Two minutes later Dr. S. calls back and in 30 seconds he is in the office. He sees my MRI, says yes surgery, wait a few week for the swelling to go down, go on vacation, come see him next week. I told him knew Monica and Karen and he smiled a lot. He remembers doing their surgeries. I am so grateful to be in such good hands. Brian and I both felt reassured.

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