Friday, April 27, 2007

Aly is Okay!

Hey friends-

This is Sachi, guest blogging for my mom, just to update everyone and let them know that the surgery went well. Thursday, I was nervous all day. I even told my tutorial leader that I might have to answer the phone during class if my stepdad called. Sure enough, at around 2:45, the phone rang (thankfully, I had changed my normal Bon Jovi ringtone to vibrate) and Brian was on the other end. The doctor had just come out to tell him that my mom was okay, making jokes as soon as she came out from the anesthesia. I didn't really get to talk to her at all that day because doctors kept coming in to the room and telling Brian to put away the cell phone. Those nosy doctors! Grandma sent me a text message saying she had passed all her tests- how many fingers, what year it was, etc. After years of administering tests, it's good to know she can take them as well, eh?

Today, I got in from Boston and went straight to the hospital. The doctors wouldn't let me bring flowers in because some patients have allergies (again with the doctors and their rules, who do they think they are? Kidding!) We watched Grey's Anatomy and my mom seemed great, telling me about Wednesday's South Park episode and the woman next to her and whatnot. It was really good to see her although I wasn't allowed to hug or kiss her. Her hair is peeking up from the top of her bandages like Erykah Badu... cute!

Hopefully, she will be able to blog again for y'all again soon. Get well soon, Mom!


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