Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Student Goodbyes

I met with all my students today. It was very moving. I was very serious whenI told them what a true pleasure it has been to teach them this year. They are open to learning, have positive attitudes and are willing to put in the work. I am so proud of them and so sad to leave them. Dakota said I gave her confidence in her abilities. Connor said no one had really ever pushed him before. Maurice (I love him so much) said I made him really like math. Jake made me feel better by telling me his grandfather had brain surgery and he is fine. Kate cried, as did Juliet, and Mallory. I know Mallory is really scared. She thinks birthdays bring you one step closer to death anyway. 6-4 was so articulate about what they appreciated about me. 6-1 made me feel very loved. 6-3 as usual was hard to figure out. They had little to say. 6-2 has the real workers and I know they just want to make sure the challenges keep up. I love all of them so much. I really think taking the time to get to know them individually in September helped so much. Gene said being new was hard but I really helped him make the transition. Laura cried too. Maybe I can get better fast and come back before the year is over.. I did end uptelling them more details than Ihad planned but Ariana thought it was better than letting their imaginations and rumors run wild. By the way, she was so helpful. I think she does an amazing job with the kids. I really needed her ther and it helped a lot.

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