Saturday, March 17, 2007

The MRI hassle

I saw a neurologist on Monday no biggie same touch tests, numb here? yes. here? no. Walk a straight line - actually a little harder than I thought it was. Dr. M hardly seemed alarmed and said I needed an MRI "sooner rather than later" but not an emergency. She said the receptionist would take care of it. J was not as helpful. I was told and have since had this confirmed that it take a week before my insurance company will okay an MRI. I was scared and impatient and kept trying to speed things up. I had already taken Friday off to go to see Sachi for Junior Parent's visiting weekend.I made the appointment for Wednesday and waited for approval. Tuesday I was worse blurry vision, nausea, so I called J and Dr. M. Well let's hope they approve that MRI soon. Wednesday I start tripping (no for real in the middle of the Olympiad morning meeting I fall down). Dr. M has me come in and says there is no change in the physical exam results. I told her I really am not a hypochondriac and she says it's okay lets hope the approval comes through. I check in with J who tells me she is leaving at 1 so if she has not heard by then I will have to cancel the appointment. Isn't there anyone here who can take the call after you leave? Oh yes I guess so. The appoint is for 3:30 so I go back to work and wait around.

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