Thursday, March 15, 2007

Recapping the last couple of weeks

President's Day weekend, I went away with the girls skiing. I skied and they boarded. The last time I skief was with an ex in Utah and it was a horrible experience. Being many years later, I did not expect to find myself stronger, more full of energy or endurance, or any more reliant so I was a bit worried about what I was getting myself into. My friends are young workout types whereas I am sit on the couch and knit all day. Needless to say, I had a fabulous time. I took a lesson and the instructor was very kind. (The instructor in Utah made me cry.) I skied a lot and was tired without feeling beat up. I was later sore but not as sore as I'd anticipated. I start with this story because I think it was the last time anything felt normal.

Later that week, the headaches began. Beyond any kind of pain I had ever felt. I thought they were tension headaches because they came at the end of the day but they did not respond to even three, then a couple hours later three more Advil. I even resorted to some Naproxen I had leftover from gum surgery. The headaches came and went for about a week but I guess I just still thought they were tension headaches. I am a tense person with an intense job. Then on Thursday, while I was teaching 6-2, the headache got weird. It was only on the left and my face was kind of tingling. I found myself very impatient with the kids because I could not really focus on what was going on. Was I having a stroke?

Because the pain had receeded and the tingly numbness was intermitant, I brushed it aside. I thought a call to the doctor would be premature. Friday late afternoon I called and left a message and I figured that would be enough. The fact that she called me right back and told me to page her any time made me a little bit worried. Could this be something serious? Nah!

Saturday morning the numbness was worseso I paged Dr. O. She sent me in to the office to see a colleague even though the office was technichally closed. After a few balance and touch tests he told me to se a neurologist on Monday.

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