Thursday, September 16, 2010

I rant and rave. I can't and cave.

"I hope you agree." "I'm sure you can understand." "I think you should relax." Words from people who tried very hard to convince me my perceptions were wrong, skewed, distorted, and mistaken. I get no satisfaction from revealing the fraud because I had no choice but to trust them. So, once again. 

Life is but a dream. 

One of my favorite classmates from my master's program gave me this on one of the first days:

She said, "I found this for you. It was on the ground." I thought my ears were playing tricks on me but she was not appealing to my compulsive need to collect useless bits of detritus. She was merely meant to clarify that she was no plant mutilator. She told me it would last for three weeks and it did. The ear of a lamb. So soft, so lamby.

I can't believe they made Never Let Me Go into a movie. That book changed my life. It better be good.


Insane said...

Okay. Now I've got to look up that book for I've never read it that I recall. Did you read Eat, Pray, Love? I haven't seen the movie and probably won't but I loved the book.

Insane said...

Aren't dreams strange? I vividly recall watching a movie I'd never seen in my dream last night and the title of it was the name of the book you mentioned. haha You never know when something will be pulled from your subconscious. :) Have a lovely week, Aly.

Anonymous said...

You lent me Never Let Me Go. I remembering thinking I had seen the movie when I read it. Weird, huh? Love, mom