Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stitches come off today!!!

I can not tell you how much better I feel. Yesterday was a great day. I woke up without a headache (not quite as lucky today), used my juicer to make use of the remaining pieces of fruit from the basket school sent, had a masseuse come to my house, and took a long walk with my mom. At night I even knitted three rows. Standing to use the juicer took quite a lot of energy but it felt so good to be productive again, not to mention the delicious smoothy I had afterwards. I had a short nap and then Kayo came over to give me a massage. Incredible! I am holding so much tension because of the pain and the fear of the pain. At night I have to will myself to relax and I feel my shoulders just unclench. The knitting was the biggest progress. It took a lot of concentration and afterwards I was sweating.

Today my mom and Brian go with me to get the stitches out. I don't think anyone is bringing me home though. I hope I can wash my hair roon. It is really disgusting now. I think Brian counted 45 stitches. I hope it is healed enough and does not bleed. I have the stitches on film. i amde a thank you video to send to the kids. I hope it helps them to see I am getting better and am still the same. I do seem to have develop a slight lisp though.

I am so happy to gradually be returning to the land of the living! The past couple of weeks are like a blur to me. I am also so grateful to anyone who visited me. Maddie, Audrey, Jackie, Sue, Caroline, Marissa, Caryn, Judy and Max, Meryl, Mimi, Melissa, Aimee and Noah, Emily, Suz, Ruby, Paul, I will remember and write more later.

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