Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pictures of food are boring

Why do bloggers post pictures of food?

I follow several design/home decorating/style blogs and inevitable there will be a photo of some dish or meal. It maybe something they made or bought or just what they are about to eat, but who cares? I know what food looks like. Are we imbeciles? Just eat it.

I unsubscribe from any blog that posts pictures of food. BORING!


Calabresella said...

I post pictures of food because I'm passionate about it. Some post photos of sunsets (and those happen everyday!), others of abandoned buildings and some of flowers. It depends on what the viewer finds beauty in :) nonetheless, we're allowed to not find beauty in certain subjects - I know I am just not as passionate about some things as well!

Elizabeth, John and Jack said...

I haven't posted any pictures of food....but I do like looking at good food. I LOVE to eat...and seeing yummy food is a part of it. My mom is a crazy good cook, so food was a big part of our lives growing up. Fresh, homemade, gourmet food was a part of our lives way before it was trendy even though we had little to no money. My mom always preached that presentation was a big part of it. If it looks good, it will probably taste better. That's the deal with all the food pictures, I'd guess. Seeing it is the next best thing to tasting and smelling it.

Calabresella said...

I just saw this and thought you might like it :)

Aly V said...


Perfect! Don't eat your food, just tweet your food!