Friday, February 24, 2012

Creating and making: solitude suits me

I am never happier than when I am in my sewing room, playing with materials. Occasionally I make something very cool. This is a throw that I made from recycled sweaters. I am trying to use them up but I keep buying more. It is so fun to wash them and see how they felt. Then I love to cut them up and sort the different colors. Mostly, I just love to touch all the different fabrics. They speak to me, each one alive with potential.
It is hard to tell what it really looks like in this photo (which my dear friend Jo took for me). In real life the colors are much more muted, less bright, less contrast, darker hues. You can see a couple of extra squares on the arm of my chair in my faded background.


Sachi Ezura said...

i love it!!! is it very soft or scratchy?

Aly V said...

It is pretty soft. I did not use anything scratchy. Most wools get softer as they felt. No cashmere though.