Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I am good at doing!

I am good at seeing the best in children.
I am good at brainstorming. I am good at drumming up excitement and enthusiasm for math.
I am good at making up ways to make learning fun.
I am great at teaching the advanced math students because their pace and interest determines the route.
I am good at learning ideas from books to try in my classroom.
I am good at advocating for students and parents.
I am good at writing, this list format blog entry not being a prime example.

"You know that I could be in love, with almost everyone. I think that people are the greatest fun."  song Alone Again.


Entrepreneur Chick said...

Okay. I have been gone a long time from the blogosphere and almost freaked out because I thought you were gone! Good. You're here. :)

That's awesome you're good at all that and you know your strengths.


Insane said...

That's an impressive list. :) Were you in a teaching frame of mind only? Just curious because I can't help but think that the list would become quite lengthy were you to recognize all areas of life within it. :) We should concentrate on our strengths. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend. ~B