Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home sick

I feel nearly delirious. I do not want to eat until I get my old job back. I am good at teaching sixth grade math. I am good at teaching enrichment math. I am not so good at planning ahead or understanding what people say when they say something I am not expecting. I have to pause and think and process and maybe even think again about it later.

This is my 3 ring girl who works in Dr. Theo's office. Write to me if you think I have any reason not to feel totally humiliated that my job is now being done by the woman who took ever for me while I had surgery and a woman who was my assistant for a year? Neither one ever asks me what I did or what to do when...

I am dust to sweep under the carpet. Hide me away!

1 comment:

Calabresella said...

I just got your comment. I do hope that you're okay. Please keep me updated as even though we have not met, I do care about you.

It's awful that you were replaced. Get better then raise hell. You don't deserve to be put out of your job.