Tuesday, June 30, 2009

En boca cerrada, no entran moscas.

"Whataya tellin' people that for?" my husband asks me frequently. I don't really have an answer. He is protective of me and more private than I am. He also thinks it gives people the wrong idea, the idea that there is some form of intimacy, when I reveal personal information to people I barely know.

I guess I sort of feel like I don't care what they think because stories are not me. Very few people are allowed to reach the inner sanctum and I reckon most of them end up a little sorry that they did.

One of my three water colors from the beautiful island of Providenciales in the Turks And Caicos islands. This one is called Bri Reading.


Allison said...

Is that the pier. The one you posted the photo of? I like it A LOT.

Insane said...

Your art is always very interesting and lovely. Watercolor would probably be the last medium I'd attempt because it seems so difficult to manipulate or cover over mistakes. I say this as a non-talented individual who's never attempted any medium. This piece, I really like.

As an extremely private individual, rather reclusive for so long, I have my own opinion on being candid and open with people. I've learned the value of allowing people to see the inner me. Okay, now you have my mind working so off to my own blog I go.

You should tell us more of the pier and why it's so special to you. It definitely evokes beauty from within you. ~R

Aly V said...

Indeed there will be multiple postings of the pier.

Don't get me wrong; I am extremely open about myself, facts, feelings opinions, knowledge, fears, hopes, theories... I could go on about myself forever. It is perhaps my favorite topic. But enough about me, what do you think of me?

JK I mean I spill out a lot of personal stuff and yet it does not leave me feeling anymore vulnerable. The curse of the introspective, always trying to improve, been in a lot of therapy. It's like once I gave birth (23 years ago tomorrow), spreading your legs in the stirrups for a pap smear ain't no biggie anymore. "Yeah, that's my vajayjay. So?" Modesty goes down and tolerance for pain way up.

The way I grew up we were forced to be open, exposed, invaded and I result I feel there is this tiny place inside me where nobody can find me. The stuff I say and do may seem personal and occasionally shockingly so but it isn't me. Maybe my artwork is the real me? It could be a way I can open up.

Insane said...

What do I think of you? It's flattering that you would ask for my opinion, actually, even in jest.

Let me see what I know about you...which might be brief for I'm headed to work...even if you didn't really expect an answer.

You're a daughter and will always be even though you grapple still with that child who exists within you and who continues to shape the woman you are. (for the better, I might add)

You're a mother who genuinely loves her child and can express that love. Not all mothers can or do.

You're a sister (am I beginning to sound like that song? lol) loyal and loving to her siblings, accepting, encouraging, and giving. You find strength in your relationships there.

You're a teacher who really gets what it means to be one and you take pride in your efforts, as you should, despite no guaranteed return.

You're a student with intelligence seeking answers, always curious, multi-faceted, but putting it all together successfully in class:Life101. You're tenacious and will eventually bring all the facets together to your own satisfaction.

You're a wife though I've read little about your husband and I would think you're protective of that relationship and respectful of his own desire for privacy.

You're an artist of several mediums with the fearless ability to expose and express yourself to the world and you do it first for yourself.

You're a woman of strength who has overcome life's disappointments without becoming someone other than who you want to be. Sometimes it's been a battle, sometimes you've wanted to strike out at someone or the world at large, sometimes you wanted to give in or give up, but you continued on and will continue to. I think you enjoy the challenges even though you'd sometimes wish they didn't come your way. Each trial has made you stronger and has given you a better awareness of who you are and you like who that person is.

You have regrets, you often look back, you're often too hard on yourself, but you don't stay in the past. The future exists for you.

You're brave and generous enough to reach out to a total stranger within a difficult situation when many would have let it go. Your generosity extended to sharing with that same stranger not only yourself but mementos which you felt might mean more to her. You gave of yourself to someone who deserved nothing from you and that said much about exactly who you are.

Well, that's a beginning of sorts. How wrong am I? : ) Have a wonderful evening ahead. Caio!