Monday, November 3, 2008

The Brief Wondrous Life of Edgardo Vega

He was on page 16 of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Junot Diaz. Irony? He had written his agent's number on a napkin in legible handwriting. He had a box cutter and some money, three loose keys, about 25 of his own business cards. Where was he going when he fainted? He had some glucose tabs and that was it. No wallet. No cellphone. The box cutter was to clip the baseball standings from the paper. It is such a shame. His mind was still so sharp. He had so many words to say and now his voice is silenced. Yesterday the sparrows were chirping up a storm in this one tree and even though it was so long ago I still remember Steven King writing that sparrows are psychopomps, harbingers of the dead. So I listened to them. I listened for Ed's voice, for a sign, a message. I think he might have said, "Don't return my cable box yet. The Rangers are on a roll."

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