Friday, November 23, 2012

Cavernous Angioma Trifle

My daughter's Instagram:

My mom made a jello mold of her brain with a blackberry to represent her tumor. #darksenseofhumor

Too soon?

Never! I am one of those people who thinks there is no topic off limits when it comes to humor. Anything can be funny under the right circumstances. I tread lightly when it comes to delicate topics, at least I used to pre-injury. Or did I?

There were times before my surgery I offended people with my sarcasm. The horoscope book, Relationships, describes Libra I as having "a wry sense of humor and often a biting wit." Perhaps I use it as a rationalization, but the next sentence seems insightful. "Their humor is generally not intended to hurt, however, or even to make others laugh, but to make them think."

So, what do you think of my dessert contribution to Thanksgiving dinner? It expresses gratitude and though icky looking, was quite delicious.

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