Saturday, April 28, 2012

Indelible Mark

Something very cool happened today. I struggle to express my frustrations here on my blog. It helps but I end up still stuck with the same question. How can I explain how I feel when the part of me that can explain how I feel is damaged?

Tonight I watched a short film made by David Anthony Alvarado called Indelible Mark. It was an incredible experience because it articulated so well exactly what I was trying to say on Thursday. After the viewing someone asked the film maker what drew him to the subject of brain injury and he said it started as a philosophical question. Who are we if not our brain?

Here is a link:

Everything we rely on to define ourselves – our memory, personality, physical abilities and mental capacity – can be altered significantly when the human brain suffers acute damage.

What I liked so much about the film was the absence of any sugar coating. It was not a film about triumph over adversity. It was a film about identity. 

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