Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How would you interpret this picture?

Last year when I was still struggling to do my job, I asked two of the kindest, most generous women at work if they would consider mentoring me. They both work in the Learning Resource Center and therefore have a lot of experience with students with disabilities. They agreed, and we met every couple of months to set goals. If I ever needed advice on how to handle a social situation, their advice was always dead on.

One day I walked into work and on my desk was a present, the above picture in a frame wrapped in pretty paper. I started to cry because on the card was written, "I saw this and I thought of you." It was signed by one of my mentors. I was not crying tears of joy. I was hurt by what I thought she meant. After discussing it with my neuropsychologist, I decided to ask her what she meant by the picture. 

I was so way off in my interpretation of the picture, it was bizarre. I am still not 100% sure how to interpret it so I am soliciting suggestions. Anyone out there reading this blog, please leave me a post telling me how what you think this picture says to you when accompanied by the message that the picture made someone think of me.


Anonymous said...


"At first it is true that this can be interpreted in a negative way...
"What does she mean? Do i overestimate myself? or whatever?"
Thus, your first reaction's understandable,I would have had the same!
BUT... that picture usually goes with the maxim :"What MATTERS MOST IS how you see yourself"
check here

Imo,it says all of the aim of your colleague ...
Nothing much.X

Aly V said...

Thanks. I never saw that maxim. I can see that. After I get a couple more interpretations, I will post her explanation. It was confusing to me at the time.

Anonymous said...

Humm,not sure...I have brain damage too:) You roar like a lion but are just a sweet little kitty? I wouldn't have perceived the "gift" as nice either, without a really good explanation.

Anonymous said...

Never be defeated by anything
Aunt Kay