Friday, July 2, 2010

D-O-G is dog! D-O-G is dog!

Holding her board book of animals and their homes, Sachi yelled out these words as she ran into the kitchen to rearrange the fridge magnets. Wearing only a diaper, she scrambled to arrange the D, the O, and the G. She had memorized the alphabet and also the names of the animals in her book but at two years old suddenly she realized letters formed words.

Today she is 24! Sachi is no less capable today. There are problems, puzzles, codes, obstacles of all forms in life. By just continuing to do everything she loves, her brain makes sense of the world. 

Occasionally, when it doesn't happen as fast as she would like, Sachi gets frustrated. There are times she does not like what she learns and that makes her angry. Other times, she is impatient that everyone does not see what is so clear to her. 

I am so proud that she follows her heart and even though she doubts it at times, she trusts her instincts. Passionate, sensitive, and generous, Sachi is able to give love that is like an elixir. There is no better medicine for what ails me than knowing I am loved by Sachi.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are my sunshine! You are my pumpkin dumpling, my cuddle bunny, my pride, my joy! I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

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Insane said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Despite all that life throws at us to make us question or doubt ourselves, do we not find strength,balance, and some measure of self-assurance in the knowledge that, in it's purest form, we are loved and, therefore, are acceptable?

A belated happy birthday to Sachi.