Monday, July 6, 2009

All The Crabby Ladies Out There

Well, my daughter's 23rd birthday was last Thursday and we had a lovely dinner at Aqua Grill. She loves raw oysters.

On my 23rd birthday, I was disappointed because I began that time of the month. I had been married for six months and since I wanted a lot of kids we had just started trying. We went out that night to see my sister perform and Sting was in the audience. I was so excited. My sister had mentioned that he was a fan but he was just sitting there like a regular person. I went up to him and told him I was her sister and it was my birthday and so could I get an autograph. Suz told me later he didn't believe I was really her sister.

Two weeks later, Sachi was conceived. Her dad had a business trip during the "most likely to succeed" days so I flew up there with him.

She is a Cancer just like my sister...and my niece. My sister's daughter was born 3 days before a significant birthday for her mom and this year she will turn fifteen 3 days before a most significant birthday for my sis.

All this just so I could show you the Johnny Depp pillow I just finished making so I could mail it to her at camp. I got her some other stuff but I gave Sachi a Jimmy Fallon pillow when she turned 15 so I figured why not? I read in one of those mother daughter type books that it was healthy for girls to have celebrity crushes because they were "trying out" the feelings or something. For me, it was Scott Baio. No pillow though. Just my dreams.


Allison said...

This is great! R will love that.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to Ruby in camp today and she totally loved her gift.