Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream

I am too afraid of the prospect of taking a medical leave from work. I am afraid I will not get my job back. I am afraid they are only offering it so I never come back. I am afraid that I will never have a regular salary and health insurance again. I am afraid I will miss it. I am afraid I will become even more insignificant than I am now.

My sister says, "Sleep! Jill Bolte Taylor says the brain needs sleep to recover." I am more creative with rest and so if I sleep, I can dream and the possibilities could break through into this world. On the other hand as my title infers, the sleep could bring no relief and the dreams could penetrate the respite with more anxiety of the loss and change.

On a totally unrelated topic, check out my handsome husband back when he was a youngster in his twenties:

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Allison said...

Ha ha...I just remembered that line in "Rosemary"..."my sister says she never dreams at night"...