Sunday, January 18, 2009

Four is my lucky number so...

... when I read this blog post over at Cornflower Blue Studio asking anyone to play along I decided I would go for it. The fourth photo in my fourth folder is this one
Since Ed died, I have so many pictures I had not seen in a long time. I am scanning them because I guess they are not really mine. I guess I will give them my mom or the subject (in this case my brother Matt). I feel so much love for him right now, just flooding feelings of appreciation and nostalgia and compassion.

He asked me a really interesting question after I tried to explain why I love teaching. I love teaching because I remember what it felt like to be a kid and so I am an advocate for them. I have my own personal reasons for why I loved school.
1. It wasn't home.
2. Nobody yelled at me.
3. Every day was pretty much the same.
4. The rules and consequences were clear.
5. I was good at "appearing to follow the rules."
6. There was food there.
7. If you needed a pencil or tape, it was always where you expected it to be.
8. A big part of the day was spent doing one of my favorite things in the world, reading.
9. The people there wanted me there. Or at least it seemed that way since they asked every day if I was there.

Are these good enough reasons to be a teacher? I don't know.


Allison Guerriero said...

Those are very good reasons, Al. Based on what TMV had said about you and your personality long before you and I ever met I suspect that you are such a popular and successful teacher b/c you are also very compassionate, sympathetic and fun.

And Matt is so CUTE!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for participating in the challenge! Also, I enjoyed seeing the reasons you like teaching - especially the part about things being where they're supposed to be!

Insane said...

This is a fantastic photo!

Aren't the reasons behind our decisions to do anything linked with everything we have ever known and hope the future will show us?

There's never an 'easy' explanation for anything we do, I don't think. We can make it simple for the one asking the question but, if he/she really wants to comprehend, the involved explanation is necessary. Hopefully, we have the answers ourselves. : )

I hope you're doing well on this beautiful day.